Growing up watching movies, television, and cartoons, I always had a curiosity of what goes into making a film, commercial, or television show. After high school I decided to pursue an education in animation. I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & Animation in 2003, winning an “Outstanding Achievement Award” for my final student reel.

Throughout the next couple of years I worked at several different companies on a variety of projects as a generalist. Eventually I came to the realization that animation wasn’t something that I was passionate about so I had to rethink my career path.

Returning to The Art Institute as an employee, I started taking classes to focus on what I enjoyed most about the VFX industry. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Effects & Motions Graphics in 2010, I decided that I needed to relocate to California to be successful in my career.

Since moving I have worked at such studios as Sony Imageworks, Sony Entertainment, Hammerhead Productions, Shade VFX, Zoic, Logan, Imaginary Forces, King & Country, Big Block, Fusion CI, Toybox Entertainment, Stereo D, Gradient FX, and Identity FX. I have also traveled across the country to work at Blue Sky Studios in Connecticut and across the world to work at Animal Logic in Australia.

Everyday I strive to learn something new about my craft. I take pride in being creative and contributing to make someone’s imagination come to life on the big screen. I’ve worked with some amazing artists, production crews, and directors. As a freelance compositor I am honored to work at these studios and look forward to one day working with you.

Currently, my beautiful wife and I live in California raising our two awesome boys, Xavier and Abel. My family has played a big part of my success and look forward to creating our future together.

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